About Me


I grew up in a “furniture family.” My parents worked in the home furnishings industry in almost every facet: designing, manufacturing, merchandising, and sales. My sister and I would accompany them to markets, in our Sunday best, carrying tote bags and catalogs and doing our best to keep up!

I didn’t realize it then, and I certainly didn’t appreciate it, but I was learning. We were a hard working little family, but my parents were avid readers, travelers, and lovers of art and design. Naturally, this influenced me greatly. Pre-internet (remember those days?) all we had were books—and I would read any interior design or style book I could get my hands on, from cover to cover! When I got to art school, and later in college, this continued. To this day I genuinely enjoy the process of research. I love to learn. I also love to make things!

As an adult, I spent many years in the high-end lighting industry, which was an exciting and fruitful journey. I had the opportunity to meet premier designers, learn about their process of editing and about the hand-manufacturing process.

While I was immersed in this world, an idea started to incubate: how can this beautiful product be refined? Could a stunning lamp have a wardrobe, perhaps? In 2022 I took this concept and made it a reality, and I’m so glad you’re here!


I’ve always been fond of textiles, particularly Indian hand block prints and batiks. I’ve collected French Provencal fabric, antique toiles, Japanese vintage, and I’ve spent a long time editing and experimenting with fabrics that not only look gorgeous on a lampshade, but enhance the lamp itself. I feel it’s important that my shades bring the beauty of the lighting forward, and not obscure it.

I hope you enjoy browsing the lampshades as much as I love making them! I am constantly working and researching and finding new fabrics and techniques. I cannot wait to share new things, so please follow my instagram: @olive_and_limpet


The name Olive and Limpet is a throwback to my childhood family vacations. We were the family that knew all the good shelling spots and would drowsily hit them at the crack of dawn. Olive shells were the treasure. Limpets were my favorite. My mother decorated our home with these shells, so the name is a sweet memory that honors her.