How Do I Know What Size Lampshade I Need?

How Do I Know What Size Lampshade I Need?

Sizing a lampshade can be tricky, and luckily there are some basic guidelines.

  • First, measure the lamp base at its widest point. Your lampshade will need be at least twice this measurement. So if you have a lamp that is 6 inches wide, you'll need a lampshade that is at least 12 inches wide. It's fine to go wider, but the lamp would look unbalanced if the shade is too narrow. 
  • Next, measure the lamp from the very base to the top of the harp. Divide that number by 3, and that's your minimum height. For example, if your lamp is 24 inches tall, you'll need, at minimum, a lampshade that is 8 inches tall. If your lamp has a Euro connector, just measure to the top of the socket. 
  • Always make sure that the socket and harp are hidden. If you've followed the basic rules and you can still see the lamp socket or the shade sits too high, the harp is probably the wrong size. They can be easily replaced at your local hardware store! Just go down an inch or so. 
  • These are merely guidelines. Designers "break the rules" all the time! The most important thing to remember: If YOU like the way it looks, that's all that matters!

I hope this helps! xo Melissa


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